2019 Honeymoon Destinations

Top Honeymoon Destinations of 2019

Silhouette of a loving couple in Santorini at sunset, Greece

For the romantically inclined traveller, there may be no trip more important than their honeymoon. Even for Globetrotters who embark on a new adventure every year, the romantic notion of that first post-nuptial trip together makes it one to stand out. So of course, you’ll want it to take you somewhere memorable. Here are six of our favourite Goway honeymoon destinations for 2019, each with its own charms to bring out your inner romantic.

Bora Bora & the Islands of Tahiti

No destination on earth says “romantic getaway” like the Islands of Tahiti, and there’s one for every style of traveller. It might be a Bora Bora honeymoon in an overwater bungalow with every luxury at your fingertips, or a more varied trip that takes in several islands such as Moorea, or culture-rich Tahiti itself.

Competitive offers combining flights and accommodation make these exclusive islands more affordable than most travellers think, all without compromising the experience. Each also offers a wide variety of activities including watersports, cultural and culinary encounters, horseback and mountain bike riding, and more to create the style of honeymoon that’s right for you. No matter how you choose to explore them, the Islands of a Tahiti are a vacation you’ll talk about for the rest of your lives. In other words, precisely what a great honeymoon is supposed to be.

French Polynesia is synonymous with paradise, so it’s impossible to suggest just one great honeymoon option.

Turquoise water at Bora Bora island beach, Tahiti (French Polynesia)
Turquoise waters at Bora Bora island beach, Tahiti

Honeymoon Amid History in Italy and Greece

For history buffs, or anyone who enjoys a good story while exploring a beautiful land, Italy and Greece aren’t just destinations. Each is a pilgrimage.

An Italy honeymoon is one to set all the senses alight, even if you just visit the classic first-time trio of Rome, Florence, and Venice. With a little more time, extend your stay to include the delightful towns of Cinque Terre, gritty and exciting Naples and the Amalfi Coast, chic Milan, more of Tuscany, or even the uniqueness of Sicily.