Acadian Seaplants Travel Incentive Redemption

Posted on 07/21/2016


We are excited to partner with Acadian Seaplants and look forward to assisting you as you redeem your Trip Certificate!

As a Nova Scotia owned and operated company, we are proud of our success and reputation in the travel industry. Our company is jointly owned by Terri-Lee Arbuckle and Carla MacKay – both veterans of the Canadian travel industry. As owner/operators they have a vested interest in insuring that the services and products we provide are of the highest caliber.

Acadian Seaplants employees travel benefits:

  • Personal, professional service
  • Expert advice
  • Trip arrangements tailored to your needs and interests
  • Change of plans, emergencies, cancelled flights - we are there when you need us
  • Make one call and we do all the work for you and find the best value

Personal service excellence is our strength. We look forward to helping you make your travel dreams come true!

Acadian Seaplants Travel Team

Cheri Hallam 1.866.752.790

Heather Landry 1.866.863.9430

Terri Lee Arbuckle 1.866.752.7900

How to redeem your Travel Certificate

  1. Determine what destination you wish to visit.
  2. What arrangement do you need? Airfare, hotel, rental car, cruise, package vacation, adventure trip, honeymoon, etc.
  3. Call or email your Travel Our Way advisor outlining what you wish to do, indicating your preferred travel dates, traveller names and the value of your Trip Certificate.
  4. We will do the research and provide you with options & quotes for your travel arrangements. If the value of your arrangement exceeds your Trip Certificate just pay the difference and we will issue your travel documents. If your trip is less than the Travel Certificate value we will hold a credit for your next trip.

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