Get Ready for Your Italy Trip!

Posted on 05/27/2019 | About Italy

An Italy vacation certainly is definitely a must-see destination in Europe.

You will find that there is so much on offer in Italy, from the food and wine, history, and topography. With so much to experience, here are some of the major highlights in the more popular cities, as well as some suggestions on how to prepare before you go on your Italy vacation.


Do not underestimate this city. Rome can be done in a rush, but make sure you book your “skip the line” Vatican tour, to avoid waiting. Also consider taking a Rome night tour. It is a fantastic way to see some of the most famous sights lit up at night. Toss a penny in the Trevi Fountain and make a wish. The more time you spend in Rome, the more you grow to appreciate it.

Vatican in Rome, Italy
The Vatican in Rome


From historic artwork to the unique Ponte Vecchio, Florence, unlike Rome, tends to win the hearts of visitors upon arrival. Its intimate feel in a big city helps foreigners feel comfortable right away. Because of this, the entrance lines can be long to see the galleries and tours of the Il Domo. We recommend booking a tour to guarantee you do not miss the sights and rich history of the area. If you can spend an extra night in Florence, we recommend heading out of town to experience either wine tasting in Tuscany or visiting Pisa from this fantastic city.