Cruise South America - 14 Days, Cape Horn & Strait of Magellan - January, 2019

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About South America

Once-In-A-Lifetime Journey

Escape completely from the typical trip as you comb the South American coast, delve into intriguing cultures, and find the relaxation and enjoyment you deserve. Hop aboard a South America cruise with Princess Cruises and treat yourself and your loved ones. There’s a whole new world of tasty (and sometimes zesty) cuisine, engaging personalities, and music that will truly move you. Encounter landscapes as diverse as the people you’ll meet. From ancient ruins to lush rainforests, it’s a feast for your eyes, ears, and mind.

A highlight of this journey is Cape Horn - widely considered to be the southernmost tip of South America.

The culmination of the Andes mountain range, the legendary Cape is prone to unpredictably strong winds, choppy waters, icebergs and rogue waves - none of which phase the Princess ships that sail here. Nevertheless, hazardous maritime conditions have protected the rocky region from human settlement, so you'll enjoy the same views as the earliest explorers discovered centuries ago.

This exploration is aboard Princess Cruise's , Emerald Princess. A fabulous home base as you explore southern South America.