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Here are just a few of our Latest Round-trip Seat Sale Fares - As of 10 March, 2020.

Prices change throughout the day - everyday - so call for a quick quote!

Toronto... from $190 + $105 tax

Montreal... from $174 + $109 tax

St. John's... from $172 + $115 tax

Winnipeg... from $299 + $152 tax

Edmonton... from $421 + $152 tax

Vancouver... from $409+ $145 tax

New York... from $122 + $147 tax

Ft. Lauderdale... from $393+ $156 tax

Los Angeles... from $368 + $155 tax

Hawaii... from $446 + $145 tax

London, UK... from $406 + $229 tax

Glasgow... from $342 + $220 tax

Dublin... from $595 + $77 tax

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