There She Goes Womens Travel

OK ladies, Terri and Carla have been sitting on this side of the desk for 20 plus years, we have heard every possible scenario from women wanting to travel and not putting themselves first. At this point in our lives we fully appreciate that "Life is Short", and we are all in positions where our health is not slowing us down, so lets embrace it, and see the world!

Terri and Carla with a group in New York City

Does this sound familiar?

  • My spouse will not travel but I have always wanted to take a cruise.
  • I'm recently divorced , I want to travel but do not have anyone to travel with.
  • My friends love travelling south with me but I want to experience something different and can't seem to motivate them to join me.
  • I've always wanted to but I'm nervous about doing something like this on my own.

Come on! You know you want to!

  1. Because we have experience as group coordinators. If you're not aware,we have been escorting the Women's Trip to NYC since 2009 and some of our ladies who travel with us have been after us to add other destinations so they can travel with us again.
  2. Who better to travel with then Travel Agents? We have dedicated our lives to making dreams realities for so many clients ,so allow us to take the stress of travelling away as we handle the details and you accompany us.
  3. We've been there. We've been on whiskey tours in the highlands of Scotland,Gondola rides in Venice,relaxed on Ocean liners in the Caribbean,and drove the Road to Hanna in Maui to name a few.
  4. Your enjoyment is our goal. It's simple, we strive for you to see as much; experience as much; learn as much; and savor as much as you can from this getaway - our reputation depends on it!

Let's get started - check below for our upcoming exciting groups!