Welcome to Bermuda!

About Bermuda

Welcome to Bermuda

Bermuda is a 56 square kilometer land area cluster of mostly interconnected small islands in the north-west Atlantic Ocean. One of the nine smallest places in the world, it is located about 600 miles due east of the nearest mainland. Many people are surprised to learn that it is not in the Caribbean, but 900 miles north of it.

The tiny semitropical isle of Bermuda balances beautifully on two circles of extinct volcanoes. It has long been part of travel literature. Shakespeare's play The Tempest takes place on a desert island somewhere between Tunis and Naples; however, some of the details were taken from accounts of an expedition of ships taking 500 colonists from Plymouth to Virginia which set sail in May 1609. Two months later on 29 July, the flagship, the Sea Adventure, was wrecked by a storm. She was presumed lost but those aboard had found shelter on the island of Bermuda.

The accents of locals are a varying mixture of East Coast Yankee and one of the islands of the Caribbean. You'll find the local taxi drivers are the most educated of their ilk. So well-travelled. A marvellously phrased account of the north- east and its historical landmarks can be had in just a few minutes on the island. The 21 square miles of real estate boasts houses which cost millions, all owned by celebrities from around the world.

The size of the island means limitations all round, though not in any way heavy handed. No rent-a-cars here but instead tiny mopeds which allow the visitors to put-put their way around the island. The local bus routes, ferries and small boats are laudable means of transport. And there is much to see and enjoy.