About Us

Like many businesses we have adapted, rolled with the punches and stood firm - we are still here for you!

Carla Mackay (left) and Terri Lee Arbuckle (right)

Our owners, Carla MacKay and Terri Lee Arbuckle began their travel careers at Fraser & Hoyt Travel - Terri in 1991, Carla in 1996. In 2009 they purchased Travel Our Way and the rest is history. Richard Branson says,

“Your brand name is as good as your reputation”

This is not surprising Travel Our Way has a large dedicated following of clients due to their quality service, and reputation for their honesty. In 2018, Carla was recognized as one of the top travel Agents in Canada by industry leaders.

Travel Our Ways' dedication to its clients has been constant for well over a decade but it was amplified as they navigated the pandemic. Travel Our Way consumers were refunded as soon as it was available, had insurance claims processed quickly, and had comfort in knowing that Travel Our Way was working hard for them to make this all possible.

Travel Our Way is best known for its Womens Getaways. To date they have brought women to Scotland, Ireland, Paris, NYC and a Caribbean cruise. More recent Group trips that were open to everyone, were to Prague, Vienna, Budapest, and NYC with plans of more exciting destinations to come. Our owner Carla Mackay says,

“We believe in empowerment through the experience of travel, so we offer destination weddings, memorable dream vacations, customized European adventures, cruises and more.”

Women's Getaway Group - Trip to New York City

The team at Travel Our Way is well travelled to a diversity of destinations as a result they have a vast product knowledge and experience. They work collectively to make your holiday experience exceptional and problem free.